Free Weight Loss Podcasts That Keep Me Motivated

Normally, I write about wight loss topics over at my fitness blog, No. Calories Needed, but today’s resources straddle the line between frugality and fitness, so I thought I would share them here, where they will find a larger audience.  (Just reading the run-on-sentence that I just wrote burned five extra calories!)

3 Free Weight Loss Podcasts That Really Rock – And Keep Me Motivated

(New to the world of podcasting?  Read my article – How To Listen To A Podcast – and introduce yourself to a world of free, on-demand, audio or video.)

Get Fit Pod – The producer, Skip, has broken fitness down into five, easy-to-understand, elements – Diet, Exercise, Knowledge, Music, and Journaling.  Each podcast focus on one of these five elements.  Skip is in the second year of getting fit.  I just love this ‘cast.

Yell At Your Fat – A relatively new podcast, with only five episodes, I’m already a big fan.  Wendy is hilarious, she has an awesome laugh, she makes up songs that rock, and she knows a lot about losing weight.  Do yourself a huge favor – subscribe to this podcast.

The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show – While I’m not technically following a low-car diet, I am avoiding sugars and starches.  Jimmy has been podcasting for years, but I only just recently found his podcast.  I especially enjoy the archives, where he talks about his own weight loss journey.

2 Videos That Rock -One Is About Running, The Other Is Just For Fun

I really like this video, produced by the folks over at realbuzz, about proper running technique.  I began using this technique last week – and I’m already increasing my running distance by 50%!  Plus, dude has a cool accent.

The next video has nothing to do with fitness or weight loss – except for the fact that when I saw this video, I really, really dug the music in it, produced by Ronald Jenkees, and now I listen to his music during every workout.  Check out the video, and then head over to Amazon Ronald Jenkeesand purchase some of his music.  It rocks!  (Check your speakers before pressing play.  Also, Ronald has a unique look, and outlook, and I just think his music is very cool!)

6 thoughts on “Free Weight Loss Podcasts That Keep Me Motivated

  1. Sweet!

    Thanks for these. I have fallen off the wagon lately with all the travelling. These will be just the motivation I need to get back into the routine.

    Glad to hear you are making good progress in your own weight loss! Keep up the good work!

  2. If I were holding large ‘crisps’ in my hands whilst running, I would place them in my mouth to prevent tension in my forearms. This technique doesn’t promote weightloss but sure tastes great!

  3. I have a podcast called Cut the Fat Podcast that I’d love for you all to listen to. Our approach is that there is no single best way to achieve weight loss, we have to see every philosophy as something (a golden nugget) to test in the laboratory of your own life. Let us know what you think.

  4. Cut the fat has many great podcast but I love their new one. I have been blogging about this subject for the last few years. I blog chatthefat. You can google it and I will pop up. You are welcome to stop by my blog. It is free. Stop by cut the fat first because it is really good. I would love to start doing podcast. I will put it on my bucket list. I got to cross off lose 45 pounds because it is done and maintained. My best to you. Now I have to listen to your podcast Thanks

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