Midnight Meanderings – Getting Fit Fiscally And Physically

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Over at No. Calories Needed, I’ve posted my weekly work out schedule.  (No. Calories Needed is my weight loss / fitness blog, for those who are new to the world of NCN.)

Over at 99 Changes, my personal development site, I’ve posted a progress report.  Check it out – and give me a grade!

Over at the No Credit Needed Podcast, I’ve (finally!) recorded and released a new episode.

Over at the No Credit Needed Network, I’ve made a few changes, including adding the list of members and their sites to the front page.  Click here to see the most recent updates.

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In my last post, I wrote about how getting fit can have a positive impact on your finances.  Well, I put the word out, via Twitter (click here to follow me, if you’d like), and asked my fellow bloggers for posts about the relationship between finances and fitness.  Here are a few of the replies I received.  Enjoy.

Money Watch writes Why Saving Money Is Like Losing Weight

Discipline – once you know what works and you’ve got yourself into a routine, discipline will keep you on the right track into the future, rather than just doing it for a few months here and there, and letting old problems resurface.

Watch My Money Maker writes Dieting & Finances – Peas In A Healthy Pod

Self control is not something that marketers want you to have. They’d love for you to impulsively buy things, impulsively drink things, and then make a long term habit of those impulses.

Five Cent Nickel writes The Parallels Between Fitness And Finance

Nothing will work if you’re not ready for change. First and foremost, you have to have the right mindset. Change takes discipline, and that sort of discipline requires that your actually ready for (and committed to) change. It won’t work if you’re content with the status quo.

Squawfox has published a free eBook – Frugal Food & Fitness.  It’s free, but you’ll need to subscribe to the Squawfox newsletter to download it.

Bible Money Matters writes Why I Workout At Home Instead Of The Gym

I’ve found that when I work out at home I’m much more likely to do it because I’m already at the “gym”. I just change into workout clothes and walk into the next room to workout. Easy.

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The Midnight Meanderings are published two or three times a month and highlight articles I like from across the web as well as the most recent articles from my other sites.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention NCN! You are so right, figuring out physical fitness does indeed help to improve one’s finances. It did with me.

  2. Eating better and saving money goes hand in hand pretty well. One bag of chips at the store instead of two, no appetizer when out to eat, etc.

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