Debt Reduction Blogs That Inspire

When I started writing about debt reduction, three years ago, there were only a handful of blogs about debt reduction.  Now, there are literally hundreds (thousands?).  It’s exciting to see so many people getting out of debt and sharing their stories!

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite debt reduction blogs.  These sites, and the people who author them, inspire me, and I’m sure they’ll inspire you, too.

Blogging Away Debt – Tricia’s been blogging about debt for more than two years.  I really dig her posts.  She does a great job of chronically the ups and downs of debt reduction – and life!  I still kick myself for not naming my blog Blogging Away Debt!

Blunt Money – Every time I read an article from Blunt Money, I think, “Why didn’t I write that post?”  Honest, real, concise, on point, Blunt Money is a daily must-read.

Paid Twice – The queen of snowflaking – Paid Twice rocks!  She’s been writing about debt reduction for just over a year, and each post is informative, helpful, and well-thought-out.

Clever Dude – Clever Dude is a dude… and he’s clever.  I like the site layout and I’m always intrigued by what he has to say.  I like the fact that he writes about debt reduction, but he also writes about other areas of personal finance.

Like I wrote, I wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs.  If you are looking for a complete list of the debt reduction blogs that I read, check out my other site, No Credit Needed Network, and this list of members’ sites.  You’ll be amazed by the shear number of sites dedicated to getting out of debt!

What about you?  Do you have a favorite debt reduction blog?  Do you write about debt reduction?  Leave a comment and share a link to your favorite site.  Spam comments will be deleted!

25 thoughts on “Debt Reduction Blogs That Inspire

  1. Paid Twice and Blogging away Debt are among my favorites, too (along with yours). Classics! I’ll check out the others.

  2. Awww shucks, you made me blush. I hope people get that I espouse both getting out from under debt AND using debt to your advantage (carefully). Thanks for the mention!

  3. I enjoy all the blogs you’ve listed here, but particularly enjoy Tricia’s blog and Clever Dude–probably because I can relate to both of them. Tricia writes in such a personal tone that I feel like I know here after following her journey towards debt freedom (she’s getting close!). Clever Dude writes in a friendly tone, often offering subjects or angles that I’ve yet to think about. Of course, No Credit Needed isn’t bad either!

  4. I’m just getting to know some of these blogs. Just starting my only debt reduction nightmare, er journey, it’s inspiring to see those who have been there, done that. Thanks all!

  5. Thanks, all, for sharing these URLs. My girlfriend and I are just getting to understand our personal finances and these are definitely helpful starting points.

  6. Great list! I recently started a blog that focuses on keeping life simple. This helps us get out of debt and from getting into debt in the first place. Debt is our country’s worst nightmare right now.

  7. I’m following this blog now. Thanks for all the good links. I’ll be reading up as soon as lunch time arrives.

  8. Hi, I stumbled on to Tricia’s “Blogging Away Debt” and it got me thinking about setting up my own site as well. I started “Kick Debts Butt” because frankly, we had a tendency to treat our debt like ostrich’s with our collective heads in the sand; but the blog helps me keep the issues we face front and center! Thanks for this list.

  9. I blog about debt reduction, specifically debt settlement, at my site, I also wrote a book about debt settlement called, “The Do-It-Yourself Bailout: How I reduced my credit card debt from $212,000 to $30,000 in six months.” During a time when so many people are wary of debt settlement agencies, my book takes consumers through the process of debt settlement so that they can call their creditors and negotiate their own settlements without paying a third party. I was thrilled just last week when CBS News did a piece on my book:

  10. I also have a debt blog! Never knew they were such a large trend on the web until I found this website! Please, read! Hopefully I can help others who have similar debt problems through my entries!
    Or others can help me via comments! Sorry, kinda new at this blogging thing.

  11. It’s the goodness concealed within the bad message.It is clear that so many people must have gone through financial lurch before getting rid of the debts.Success after facing a lots and lots of mental and emotional stress.

  12. Sharing your stories could help others to realize that they are not alone with that kind of situation. There are a lot of useful information on blogs about debt settlement that could really help. A good friend of mine have over come this kind of problem following some tips on the net about debt negotiation.

  13. I like the blogs that share real-life success stories, especially the ones that don’t have much. Sometimes it’s easy to payoff debt by selling a motorcycle, boat, car, second home, etc., but I like the ones written by the less fortunate. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  14. Thank you for sharing some of the blogs you follow. I visited them and Clever Dude is excellent, I like the diversity and well written useful advice. I blog about finance, affiliate marketing and ways to make money online, and finding blogs like yours is great, many people, including myself, are hungry for useful information that offers choices and solutions that can relate to our daily lives. You are welcome to visit my sites at your convenience and leave a comment. Thanks again, I’ll be back soon.

  15. I like all your all blogs, which you have listed above,but in between your all blog.I like, the ‘Blunt Money’ and ‘Paid Twice’.

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