No Internet At Home

Just a quick note –

My Internet connection is down.  Hopefully, it will be repaired soon.  Once it’s repaired, I’ll get back to my regular posting schedule.



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2 thoughts on “No Internet At Home

  1. I am a web designer and 6 weeks ago I decided to change ISP’s. However, after shutting off the first service, I simply decided not to turn on the replacement service immediately. My wife and I left our internet connection at home shut off for 3 weeks! It was wonderful! Now, I had it turned back on because I am working from home a lot more, and getting web design work done without an internet connection is a bit taxing.

    However, I strongly urge you to consider not having a home internet connection, and working only from “the office” which could be anything, including Starbucks. OR, if that is not an option I encourage everyone to have an internet free time in the house. If it’s after 7:00 pm or whatever works for you, just make sure you’re not on the internet. I know it sure helped my wife and I to spend more quality time together than when we were both on our laptops until right before bed time.

  2. @Ellis… I work from home and the nearest ‘free’ internet is 30 miles away! 🙂 So, I have to have a connection from home…

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