New Subscribers And A Stroll Through My Blogroll

I want to thank all of you who have decided to subscribe to No Credit Needed, either via RSS or via Email (or both!).  I hope you are enjoying my blog.  I usually post new articles once or twice a day, depending on how much time I can squeeze out of my busy life.

For those of you who clicked over from Money Magazine, you may not be aware that my site, No Credit Needed, is a member of the Money Blog Network.  There are seven other members of the MBN.  Two or three times a month, I like to highlight my favorite articles from each of those sites.  Many bloggers call this type of post a ’roundup’, but I always refer to mine as ‘a stroll through my blogroll’.  Why?  Because, just like when I chose not to use credit cards, I like to be different!  🙂

Here are my favorite posts from the Money Blog Network:

Wise Bread asks – How Much Should Your Children Know About Your Finances?  Our kids know that we live on a budget, and they know that they can earn spending money for doing chores around the house, but they are still to young to understand some of the more complex issues with which we deal.  As they get older, I’m sure we’ll share bits and pieces with them, and try to teach them as we move forward.

Mighty Bargain Hunter suggests – 10 Ways Being Fat Costs You Money.  This might be the greatest post in the history of all posts.  My favorite?  Using more soap costs you more money!  Classic!  By the way, Mighty Bargain Hunter also runs the Carnival of Debt Reduction, one of my favorite sites in all of the world.

Get Rich Slowly reminds us – Small Changes Are The Building Blocks Of Success.  As always, JD hits the old nail right on the head.  Take the time to analyze your life, and get rid of unnecessary expenses, small and big.  (As a quick side note:  “unnecessary” is a strange word to try to spell…)

Free Money Finance suggests – Renting Part Of You Home To Make Extra Money.  If you have a big house with a spare bedroom, this is a great idea!  If you have one of those houses with a roof over the garage, rent it out!  (Our house doesn’t have any extra room.  In fact, baby girl is sleeping in a converted dining room!)

Five Cent Nickel offers up – Several Ways To Save Gas.  Nickel, who likes to travel, points out some great tips for how to save money when driving.  (My man Nickel recently started a new health site – Fit36.  I encourage you to check it out.)

Consumerism Commentary notes – The Difference Between Managing And Micro-Managing Your Money.  Flexo reminds us to focus on both pictures, the big and the small, and to avoid making a ‘huge’ mistake.  By the way, Flexo also runs the grandaddy of all personal finance carnivals, the Carnival of Personal Finance.

All Financial Matters reminds us – We Are All Self-Employed.  This is so true.  It does not matter where you work, you are, in essence, a private ‘company’.  How are you doing, managing the business that is you?

I hope you’ll consider visiting one (or all) of the sites I mentioned.  If you do, tell them that NCN sent you!

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  1. I’m a big fan of the Money Blog Network, but with so much to read and so little time, I don’t always make the rounds to each blog. Thanks for highlighting these posts. I think you should include your most popular post of the past week to round out the list. 🙂

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