Paying For The Condo Rental Without Using A Credit Card

I received an email from a reader, asking if I planned to to pay for our condo rental with cash (or check).  Of course!

Here’s how I did it.  First, I found the condominium that I wanted to rent.  I emailed the property management company and asked if I could pay with a check.  They assured me that I could, but that I would need to reserve the room with a credit card – just in case there were any damages.  So, I reserved the room with a credit card, e-signed my contract, and dropped a check in the mail.

(As a side note, I did not cancel my credit cards for situations exactly like this one.  As an alternative to my credit card, I could have reserved the room with my debit card.)

9 thoughts on “Paying For The Condo Rental Without Using A Credit Card

  1. I have found from experience that it is often much more convenient to make reservations like this with a credit card. In the case of an error, company bankruptcy, cancellations, etc, etc… trying to get your money back with a credit card (vs. a check or debit card) is much easier.

  2. We keep a credit card for travel situations like this too. We’ll make travel reservations with a credit card and then pay with our debit card when we check out.

  3. I always use a credit card for reservations and stuff like this. I know I could also use a debit card with VISA or Mastercard sign on it AND I always thought that I would get the same protection as if I’m using a credit card. Is that correct? Or am I mistaken?

  4. Hmm. Maybe you should change the title of your blog to “Some Credit Needed.”

  5. Chris,

    “Some Credit Needed”, I like that! But. some people have difficulty giving up credit cards and debt. They perceive some kind of advantage that doesn’t exist besides ending up in debt again. Notice there isn’t any reason why they didn’t use the debit card and no legitimate reason exists. I’m sure the company would have accepted a cash/check security deposit as well.

    Even though I was surprised to read this, given the name of the blog, everyone is at a different point. It took my wife a few months to finally give up our last credit card (it was her first, with her alma mater on it). I think this blogger will see the light eventually. He/she already seems to realize that they could have used the debit card. I suspect we’ll read someday in the future about the courageous step this blogger takes when they cancel their lines of credit.


  6. I know the debit card isn’t perfect. Whenever I rent a car or stay at a hotel (using my debit card), the company holds a few hundred dollars of my checking account until I return the car or check out of the hotel. To me, the advantages of using cash and the occasional debit card still outweigh anything a credit card has to offer. I disposed of my last credit card over a year ago.

  7. There should be no problem using your credit card…as long as you’re committed to paying off the balance ASAP with money you’ve already budgeted for doing so.

  8. I recently reserved a condo by sending a check for the deposit to reserve my vacation dates. I was happy at first that I could do this with cash (check) but now I am paranoid that I will be the victim of a scam with this rental. I was planning to send the balance due with a check as well….it was requested to be sent 1 month prior to my trip check-in. Should I be concerned… should I approach this?

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