How My Fellow Money Blog Network Members Have Helped Save Me Money

As many of you know, No Credit Needed is a member of the Money Blog Network.  I’m consistently impressed by my fellow members – and the content of their sites.  I thought it would be cool to highlight a few of their posts, and how those posts have helped me save money and kept me informed.

A few months ago, I purchased a new-to-us automobile.  I used a version of this letter , designed by Five Cent Nickel, in my email to the automobile dealership.  I also followed the advice in this post, from Free Money Finance, for finding the real cost of the used automobile.  By combining their advice, I was able to get a good deal and we now have a car that we love.

All Financial Matters always does a good job of breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand posts.  For instance, I had a choice of two different index funds – and I used the information here, about S&P 500 Index Funds, to make my choice.  As a side note, JLP from All Financial Matters was recently interviewed by Mike Causey.  Click over and check it out!

Get Rich Slowly is a treasure trove of valuable personal finance information – and one of my favorite posts is this one about escaping the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.  Personally, I believe that the most important financial decisions we make must be made before, not after, we receive our paychecks, when we sit down to create our monthly budgets.

A few years ago, Consumerism Commentary wrote this interesting post about choosing a new cell phone provider.   While I’m stuck in my current contract, I did forward the post to a friend, and HE used it to get a great deal!

Having a new baby is great – and expensive.  Thankfully, Wise Bread has some great DIY tips for new parents.  Our baby girl is awesome and she’s sleeping five hours at a clip!

Mighty Bargain Hunter compiled this awesome list of money related forums and message boards.  I love connecting with other people who are interested in personal finance and money management.

I hope you’ll take a minute or two to visit each of these sites.

2 thoughts on “How My Fellow Money Blog Network Members Have Helped Save Me Money

  1. What a great collection of resources! I love the Money Blog Network and have found so much wisdom through the bloggers. I am still in the baby steps of my own financial picture but it is really inspiring to read your blog. Thanks!

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