A New Weight Loss Program – And A Quick Stroll Through My Blogroll

As long-time readers know, I have a ‘weight-loss’ blog – No. Calories Needed – where I’ve just started writing about a new weight loss program I’m following – Paul McKenna’s 4 Golden Rules.  I’m really excited about the ‘program’ and I’ll be posting regular updates of my progress.

Now, this week’s Stroll Through My Blogroll

The Digerati Life writes about steps you can take to lower health care costs.  (Our little girl will be born in less than a month!  So, this, for us, is timely advice.)

Gen X writes about the recent federal reserve rate cuts.  (I for one am getting a little nervous about the economy.)

Money Smart Life writes about big goals and achieving success.  (I love this post.  I’m a big believer in big goals!)

The Sun’s Financial Diary writes about gold and it’s $1000 dollar price tag.  (Again, did I mention that I’m a ‘little nervous’ about the economy?)

Lazy Man writes about Bear Sterns and a $2 stock price.  (This is an amazing story.  And to think, all of this as a result of ‘credit issues’.)

Blunt Money writes about DRIPs.  (Dividend Reinvestment Plans)

My Two Dollars writes about ‘keeping his wife in the loop’ and managing finances.  (I’ve created a similar ‘what happens if I die’ worksheet for my wife.)

Paid Twice writes about a ‘light bulb’ moment – literally!

Watch My Moneymaker writes about ‘The Moved Buffer Theory Budget’.  (Pretty interesting concept.)

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