Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

I have been a Sirius Satellite Radio subscriber for more than four years. But, yesterday, I canceled both of my subscriptions. Why? Let’s just leave it at – bad customer service.

I really like the service, but I will not miss the expense. I’ll replace the music with free (legal to download) music and I’ll replace the talk shows with various podcasts.

Tonight, I’ll list my receivers on eBay. I doubt I’ll make much money, but selling them will remove a bit of clutter – and it will remove the temptation to reactivate them.

In a strange way, it feels good to get rid of the receivers. Plus, having an extra $20 a month in my pocket sounds pretty nice.

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  1. No Debt Plan – I’m not a big music guy, but I listen to some stuff from the podsafe music sites – and I download free stuff from myspace sites, etc. The fact is, I’m much more interested in talk radio – and I have a list of about 50 podcasts that I subscribe to.

  2. I’m glad I never signed up for satellite. I’m sure I’d like it but I just don’t want yet another monthly subscription.

    $12.95 a month is over $150 a year. Not enough to start a crack habit, but heck, it’s real money! Just think how much you’d have to have in the bank to generate that amount of interest in a year.

  3. Hazz – I’m “this” close to getting rid of the satellite tv… There’s almost nothing on worth watching and I can’t get my locals in HD (for sports) due to the fact that we live in the country and dish doesn’t offer them here… and, we can’t get them w/ an antenna… plus, even if we could, football only lasts half the year…
    on the fence,

  4. iTunes has a great radio playlist. My favorite is the International channel. You can listen to music from every corner of the globe.

  5. I canceled my XM service after the 3 month trial period ran out. Don’t need it and besides, I download mp3’s and prefer to burn my own CD mixes. Why pay for radio service that ought to be free anyway.

  6. Sorry to see you feel this way. I’ve been a Sirius subscriber (2 receivers, both on yearly plans, works out to be less than the $12.95 monthly rate) for many years. I also worked for a company which made Sirius receivers way back when, so I had the service in my car before they went public.

    I’ve had to deal with Sirius customer service (as a receiver failed, and had to do the swap thing). I haven’t had any problems.

    I find the variety and availability of programs on the service worth the expense. I drive 2 hours each day (1 each way) and listen primarily to Fox News and other talk stations. So for me I feel it worth the expense.

    Another commenter said: Why pay for radio service that ought to be free anyway.
    I am fond of saying that before you get Satellite radio, you say “why would I pay $12.95 for something I can get for free?” Then after you have it for a little while, you say, “How did I survive without this!!” To me the hassle of loading songs on my iPod and/or custom burned CDs doesn’t offset the expense.

  7. @Steven – Don’t get me wrong – I LOVED the service – but, I have decided that the customer service issues were just too much for me to deal with. Couple that with the money-savings and I decided to be done w/ it all.

  8. Funny you say this. I’ve been an XM subscriber for years and am thinking of cancelling that. I have no problems with it – I’m just not listening to it.

  9. NCN: First off – love the podcast, love the websites. You’ve singlehandedly turned me on to the debt-free mindset, and after 50+ years of indebtedness and living paycheck to paycheck, that’s an amazing development. Thank you, my friend. As for Sirius, I hear ya. When I purchased a new car two years ago, XM Satellite came installed and with a three month free trial. At the end of that trial, I canceled. They were on me like white on rice to re-enlist, and I did…at their fire-sale 60% discount price. When that year was over, it was Sayonara, and I canceled for good. Bottom line: as a taxpayer, we loan out the airwaves and get “free” programming via commercial tv and radio. That’s good enough for me. Aside from that, I’d rather not spend frivolously. Hey, take care, NCN! Thanks again for everything, and my very best to you and your family.

  10. Don’t even get me started on TV 🙂

    I pretty much hate paying for cable. For the last three years I’ve gotten the best price that my cable company can offer by calling and threatening to cancel. I just called them last week and saved $450 off their regular price for both cable tv and internet service for one year. Now that we have two homes, I have to deal with paying in two places. I thought about going the satellite route and trying to find an extra receiver but have discovered I can work both of the cable companies to get lower prices and I’m paying less for two places than most people for 1. I LOVE BEING FRUGAL!

    It sure is neat to read people’s comments about how you’ve influenced them to change their ways. I remember when you started and were hacking away at that debt. You’ve come a long way brother.

    I still think we need to all pull up our skirts a bit and spend a little cash to have a PF blogger convention. (somewhere warm)

  11. Oh, no worries NCN, you’re not quite done with Sirius just yet. After all, now you get to deal with 3 or 4 calls a week from them — or should I say, some automated version of them — for the next month or two attempting to get you to come back… 😉

  12. I listen to BBC radio online using their listen again feature, they have great comedy and plays as well as music stations, the best part is the lack of adverts.

  13. How long is your commute? I was thinking about getting XM or Sirius because I am tired with futzing with my iPod while driving. I thought it was more like $10/month though, not $20.

  14. @Jonathan not sure if you are asking me. I drive about 1 hour door-to-door each way to and from work. The price for Sirius is worth it for me!

  15. Ya well my sub is running out on May 15/08.And I agree with the rest of you.Sirius is crap.First they say commercial free .Crap ya right.2nd the Price in Canada $168.50can. for one unit and I bought 2 units right from the beginning and the second on is $96.00can. per year.And the customer service is crap too.I called them and they are rude and they said that what the price is is what the price is.Man for continuing subscribers they should offer less just like insurance or so.It is crap.The blue collar comedy channel needs new material because it repeats itself the same shows over and over.And the music is nothing special because I get the same music local and #1 hits again plays the same few number of songs over and over yet the local radio station plays more variety and songs more in a row. So in a nut shell it is crap and for what it is it should be cheaper in the beginning and cheaper yet for returning customers.Since they merge with XM radio it should be now.

  16. My husband bought me a truck with sirius xm radio and my granddaughter love it, however we are on a fixed income and cannot afford the 12.95 a month to renew it, can you offer me something less?



  17. My husband bought me a truck with sirius xm radio and my granddaughter and I love it, however we are on a fixed income and cannot afford the 12.95 a month to renew it, can you offer me something less?



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