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Festival Of Frugality #114

Welcome to the 114th Festival of Frugality.

What’s a blog festival?

A collection of articles about a specific topic – in this case, frugality – from various writers, compiled and organized, and presented in an easy-to-follow format.

The Festival of Frugality moves from site-to-site and you can find links to all past festivals by following this link.

I hope that you will think about bookmarking this page so that you can come back often and read all of the following articles –

Saving Money While About Town –

Getting Ahead writes about how to create an effective grocery list.

Cheap Healthy Good writes about brand loyalty and how to love generic.

Mommy Gets Paid writes about being frugal and fashionable.

Million Dollar Journey writes about eating in before you eat out.

Being Frugal writes about sales that aren’t really sales.

Money And Values writes about being a frugal baseball fan.

Pennies To Nickels writes about Publix and their penny deals.

Free From Broke writes about how we can save money using our feet.

Saving Money While On The Road –

Stop The Ride writes about saving money when going on vacation.

Wise Bread writes about how to save money when seeing the sights.

Traveling Mamas writes about having a fabulous, frugal vacation.

Me, My Kid, and Life writes about currency exchange rates.

Beat The Gas Pump writes about saving 14% off your gas costs.

Money Crashers writes about buying a new house in a new city.

Saving Money At Home –

The Digerati Life writes about slashing a budget by 25%.

Free Money Finance writes about frugal ways to outfit American Girl Dolls.

The Frugal Duchess writes about the shocking results of an energy audit.

Money Blue Book writes about ten purchases to avoid if you want to save money.

My Two Dollars writes about making a wallet out of duct tape.

Chief Family Officer writes about buying an appliance at a deep discount.

Savvy Frugality writes about ten easy ways to save money on household bills.

Uncommon Cents writes about using the web to find deals and discounts.

MoneyNing writes about saving money when moving.

Value For Your Life writes about frugality and calories.

Prime Time Money writes about rebate headaches.

The Sojourner writes about a frugal, filling meal.

Be Thrifty Like Us writes about home repair and calling a repair specialist.

Allie’s Answers writes about making your own cat liter.

The Wastrel Show writes about setting financial priorities.

Erica writes about renting verses buying.

Squawkfox writes about beans, beans, and beans and how they can change your life.

Monevator writes about how much you need to retire.

Finance Blog writes about saving money and saving the environment.

Greener Pastures writes about freebies and free stuff.

Funny About Money writes about building a weekly – not monthly – budget.

Paid Twice wries about snowflaking and the snowflaking revolution.

Sound Money Matters writes about saving money when filing taxes.

Mrs. Micah writes about budgeting and not buying stuff.

Small Cents writes about selling books.

A Penny Closer writes about creating sentimental, useful gifts.

Lightning writes about environmentally-friendly, frugal cleaning.

Dimples writes about saving money when purchasing groceries.

Free Fab Stuff writes about finding free fragrances for men and women.

Millionaire Money Habits writes about how to find a financial adviser.

Ask Mr. Credit Card writes about credit cards and rewards.

My Dollar Plan writes about free points from my points.

Thoughts About Frugality And Saving Money

Frugal Dad writes about teaching your kids about money – using four quarters.

Rather Be Shopping writes about being frugal and being cheap.

Not The Jet Set writes about being ‘extravagantly frugal’.

Smart Easy Money writes about consumerism and frugality.

Quest For Four Pillars writes about the true meaning of ‘the good life’.

But Why Doesn’t It writes about inflation and spending less money.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door writes about bringing dreams to fruition.

Think Your Way To Wealth writes about taking extreme measures to save money.

Early Retirement Extreme writes about voluntary simplicity and ultra-marathons.

We’re In Debt writes about saving first and then buying second.

Campus Grotto writes about the pros and cons of working while in college.

Just Shoot Me Now writes about frugal habits.

Unclaimed Money writes about patience and frugality.

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  1. Thank you for hosting the carnival–I look forward to reading the other articles! I appreciate the inclusion of my post about frugality and calorie control.

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