Taking A Day Off

I have been so busy the past three months.  So, today, I took a day off.  I went golfing with a few of my buddies.  I didn’t think about money, I didn’t think about my investments, I didn’t think about work, and I didn’t think (much) about blogging.  I just grabbed my clubs, went to the course, and ripped it.  I haven’t been able to play golf in a long time – and it showed.  I posted an 80.  It started to rain after the turn, but we kept hitting it.   I have a pretty decent swing – I hit the ball pretty well with my driver and my irons, but I’m only fair around the greens.  My game has suffered from a lack of practice – but it felt great just to be outside, swinging away.

Golf is a treat – and I don’t play very often.  But, when I go, I really enjoy it.  Hopefully, one day, all of this ‘saving money’ will pay off and I’ll get to play more often – much more often!

1 thought on “Taking A Day Off

  1. Good for you. We all need to take a break sometimes. It reminds us why we are working and saving so hard now so we can have more time for fun later.

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