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121st Carnival Of Debt Reduction

Welcome to the 121st Carnival of Debt Reduction – A collection of posts about debt reduction, debt repayment, and debt avoidance.

On to the posts (which should open in a new window when you click them) –

Savvy Frugality has great ideas for how to use a financial windfall to reduce debt.

Free Money Finance writes about the age old question – retirement funding or debt reduction – or both?

Debt Free Revolution has an inspiring 2007 rap-up post.  Check out that awesome progress!

Motherhood 101 Plus reminds us to pay our bills, on time.  Yes, mam.

Debt Reduction Formula writes about… a debt reduction formula.

Paid Twice has a great post about dealing with debt reduction ups and downs!  (Editor’s choice)

Being Frugal is in the black!  Great job!

The Digerati Life has some thoughts about folks who have major debts.  Interesting read.

We’re In Debt suggest that you make more money so that you can quickly reduce your debt.

Finance and Fat has some information about debit cards.  Are they safe?

Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog writes about bankruptcy.

I want to thank the bloggers who submitted articles for this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Articles which were off topic were not included.

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  1. I’m head over heels and this is a great resource for me. I just started a blog to document my life challenges of debt. Thank you blogging world

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