You Will Not Believe This – Prisoners Found My Wallet By The Side Of The Road – And All Is Well

I lost my wallet a few weeks ago – and I feared that it was gone forever.  But, alas, my wallet has been returned to me.  Actually, the local sheriff’s office called and I went and picked my wallet up.  Here’s what happened –

Workers from the local department of  transportation have been mowing alongside our local highways – and prisoners from the local correctional facility have been helping them.  Apparently, one (or more) of the prisoners found my wallet – or what was left of it – and handed it over to the correctional officer assigned to their detail.  He gave it to the guys from the DOT, they gave it to the sheriff’s department, and one of the deputies who goes to my church called me and told me that he had it.  So, I drove down to the local jail and picked it up.  The mowers destroyed most of the contents – pieces of credit cards and my old license were stuffed into the various pockets.  The checks and other paper documents were totally shredded by the blades of the mower.

While I can’t use anything that is in the wallet, it’s good to know that I don’t really have to worry about it anymore.  I went back over the spot where they found the wallet, and I found bits and pieces of my social security card and some checks, but they were very, very tiny – fragments really.  Of course, someone could have written down all of the information from the wallet and then disposed of it on the side of the road, but I really think that I simply left it on top of my car while I was unpacking and when my wife drove to town, the wallet was blown off, into the roadside ditch.

I am impressed by the honesty of the young man (men) who found my wallet – and I am going to write a letter to head of the local correctional facility.  Hopefully, I’ll find some way that I can reward the inmate(s).

12 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe This – Prisoners Found My Wallet By The Side Of The Road – And All Is Well

  1. The article was going along fine until I saw that you had your former social security card in there. Why on earth would you carry around your soc. sec. card in your wallet on a regular basis? There is no need for you to have it at all times. It’s a credit identity theft case waiting to happen.

  2. Raymond – If you click through and read the original article – you will see that I have already chastised myself for carrying around my social security card –

    BuildAndSucceed – Yep, I’m super glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore…

  3. How nice that the mower did all your shredding work for you! Even down to the SS card (I won’t chastise you for carrying it, since you’ve already done that). Very handy.

  4. Sounds like an involuntary plasectomy to me. I guess those credit cards just weren’t meant to me. 🙂

  5. Tlange – I think that when I was unpacking from our trip, I put the wallet on the bumper (or trunk) of the car – and when my wife drove to town, the wallet flew off!

    Elaine – Yes, all of my credit cards are now locked away… I have learned my lesson!

  6. That said, just because the wallet and subsequent information in is your possession doesn’t mean the the prisoners or cops didn’t jot it down. I would keep a close eye on your accounts from now on. You should anyways, but especially now.

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