Term Life Insurance Quotes And Longterm Disability Quotes

I have contacted an independent insurance agent for Term Life and Longterm Disability Insurance Quotes.  I already have a term life policy (and so does my wife) but I want to up our coverage amounts.   We both make about the same amount of income, so I requested 6 quotes – 20 and 30 year policies at 3 different amounts – 3 quotes for her, 3 quotes for me.  The smaller amounts are equal to 10 times our current salaries – and the next two amounts are equal to 12 times and 15 times, respectively.  As for longterm disability quotes – we both have policies from our workplaces, but we are looking for some additional / replacement coverage.

(Quick side note – I may have found a newer min-van!  I’ll have more on that later…)

4 thoughts on “Term Life Insurance Quotes And Longterm Disability Quotes

  1. So how much did you get in terms of coverage and what did it cost? You are leaving out some important details! Thanks.

  2. Seth… I used them and a couple of other online insurance companies… just for comparisons sake… I am going to go to my local insurance agent and give him my business…

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