The Weather Here Is Wonderful – Plus A Stroll Through My Blogroll

I cannot believe that it is the middle of October – and the weather is absolutely perfect.  It’s about seventy degrees, sunny, and awesome.  If the weather is nice where you are – go outside and enjoy it!  (But, before you go, bookmark this post and read these posts later!)  If the weather is not so nice, go ahead and enjoy a ‘stroll through my blogroll’:

From the Money Blog Network:

Sasha from Consumerism Commentary has paid off more than $52,000 in student loan debt!  Yes!

AllFinancialMatters reminds us of a dark day in the market’s history.

Blueprint suggest that you spend a few minutes – each day – reading about current events.

Nickel signed up for Amazon Prime – and wants door-to-door delivery of a nine volt battery.

FMF points out, that contrary to what most folks think, Dave Ramsey’s website WILL accept a credit card!

Get Rich Slowly is thinking about XM Radio and recurring monthly expenses.

Mighty Bargain Hunter lists 28 financial and money-related forums.

From my blogroll:

The Digerati Life is celebrating a one year blogging anniversary – with giveaways!

Lazy Man isn’t working – and his wife is cool with that.

Money Smart Life reminds us that now might be a good time to buy a car – year end discounts abound.

Generation X asks, what financial goal are you focused on, right now?

4M lists a couple of budget-busting times – those times when we forget about our budgets and spend, spend, spend.

The Sun’s Financial Diary writes about Lifecycle ETFs.

Clever Dude donates some clothing to charity – and has information about taxes and charitable clothing donations.

My Two Dollars has written a post “after my own heart” – How much does @20 a week amount to over time?

Frugal For Life has several ideas about pumpkins.

From this week’s carnivals:

Mighty Bargain Hunter hosted the 122nd Carnival of Personal Finance.

Debt Free Revolution hosted the 109th Carnival of Debt Reduction.

From my other sites:

I recently visited a local Georgia state park, recorded and released another episode of my debt reduction podcast, and updated dozens of network related personal finance charts!

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