Dave Ramsey To Host Show On New Fox Business Network

Dave Ramsey, one of my favorite radio personalities, will be hosting a prime-time program for the new FOX Business Network television channel. Click here to read the press release over at Dave’s site.

I’m excited about the idea of seeing Dave on television. As long-time readers know, I’m a big fan of Dave and his work. In fact, if you go back to my very first post, you’ll see that No Credit Needed was inspired by Dave and his “Baby Steps”. I also like the idea of having another television channel focused on finance. (By the way, I have no affiliation with Dave Ramsey, I’m just a big fan!)

So, what do you think? Will you watch?

13 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey To Host Show On New Fox Business Network

  1. I liked him in “Maxed Out” but I don’t think he is the most, well, camera-ready. Though truly incredible on radio, I’m not sure TV is where he will shine. If it’s just the radio show in TV form, I don’t see any added value in moving to TV.

  2. AC… I ‘think’ that he’s going to host a show… w/ guests, etc. I read the announcement a couple of times and that’s what it sounds like..

    As for added value… in terms of audience, this could be huge… personally, I’m interested in seeing if he stays “on message” i.e. “anti debt”…


  3. If it’s just the visual version of the radio show…hmmm I’ll tune in to see what the format is…but I’m not sure it will keep my interest. I listen to him driving home…but not sure I would sit down at prime time…

  4. We don’t have a TV anymore but I’m sure I”ll be able to find it online to watch. I’m game. We listen when we can (are in an area where it is broadcast) and online when I remember. I used to listen all the time years ago before moving to Idaho. I even bought FPU back then. We finally went though it this year (5 years later) and its been what has finally got me on a cash only type budget. It really is amazing how doing it when we did prepared us for a few bumps in the road. I can see the argument for credit cards and points and such but yeah I’m not a fan. Its easier with cash.

  5. I love the idea of this – i just hope that is stays moderate so that leftys and rightys don’t get in a tizzy. Everybody needs a push to get out of debt – maybe it will be a reality show that doesn’t rot one’s mind – how novel!

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