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I was doing a search for music from one of my favorite artists, Laura Gibson, and I came across IndieFolkForever, a website for reviews of independent folk musicians.  Here’s the link to an article Laura wrote about her music.  The article is filled with links to her sites and her music.  If you click around IndieFolkForever, you can find dozens of free mp3 downloads from various “undiscovered” bands.  By the way, my favorite song that Laura sings is “Wintering”.

3 thoughts on “IndieFolkForever – Free Independent Folk Music

  1. Wow, and here I thought it was weird seeing Laura’s name on a marquee in downtown Portland. But seeing her pop up on someone else’s blog ‘cross the country? Very strange indeed. See, Laura and I are friends from church. Well, probably more like acquaintances now but I do still see her around and we always chat a bit when we can.

  2. Amber..
    Wow! If you see her, tell her I’m a big fan… I can’t even remember how I heard her music,
    but I have about 10 of her songs on my iPod and I listen… over and over….
    small world…

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