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Food For Thought – Articles From My Blogroll About Money, Investing, And Personal Finance

Since I’m no longer eating much food for the belly, I thought I’d focus on some food for thought. (Do you have any idea how long it took for me to come up with such a lame opening line for this article? Seriously, this blogging stuff can be hard work.) So, here are some articles that I really enjoyed from past few days, written by my fellow personal finance bloggers:

All Financial Matters writes about the luck factor and investing. Be sure to read the entire article, especially the final few sentences.

Tricia, who is awesome, has written about the awesome program, Modest Needs. Why? Because Tricia ROCKS, that’s why!

Blueprint gives the scoop on credit card’s and their rewards programs. (Why, oh why, would the nice little credit card companies give their beloved customers rewards? Hmmm… check out this list of the top 500 companies in the world and make a note of how many of them are in the financial / debt / credit business. In the end, I can promise you that giving out rewards is not hurting the credit card industry. They. Know. What. They. Are. Doing.)

Blunt Money has made a firm decision about eating out.

Boston Gal always finds unique, interesting, informative articles.. Too many to spotlight just one, so visit her site and click around.

CFO says that you can make your own baby food. Wow. With a new baby on the way, do I dare try this? Have any of you done this? Sounds pretty cool.

Clever Dude has written a very thought-provoking article about why people have kids. (Did I mention that my wife and I are going to have another baby, our third, in April? Oh, I did? My bad.) I can tell you why we had kids – We love kids, we love being parents, we love big families, we love each other, and we just want a big house filled with toys, laughter, friends, and family. When my wife and I were in high school, she would babysit kids in her neighborhood. From time to time, whenever I’d get a night off from work, I’d go help her watch the kids. I watched how she interacted with those kids, and I knew that I wanted to marry her. Man, I’m really a sappy dork.

That’s enough food for now. Throughout the course of the weekend, I’ll work my way through the rest of my blog-roll. Eating too much at one time can give you a tummy ache. (Hahahaha!)

6 thoughts on “Food For Thought – Articles From My Blogroll About Money, Investing, And Personal Finance

  1. I made my own baby food for both my kids and I have to say – it is easy, cheap, and fun. I highly recommend it. You can get recipes online at a number of places if you are unsure how to cook something but mostly, just steam the food and mush it up and it is good to go. You can thicken it with cereal or thin it out with breastmilk or formula.

    Cheap, easy, simple, and your kids can get lots of stuff they don’t make in baby food size. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention! And yes! You can definitely make your baby food. I make all of Tyler’s but I have friends that serve homemade food at home and go with the convenience of store-bought food when they’re on the road. The site I mentioned at the end of my post,, is full of great info. I also recommend getting one of Annabel Karmel’s books for ideas on food combinations (e.g., avocado and banana – surprisingly good and not one that I would have thought of on my own).

  3. If you are smart about it – making your babyfood can be so simple – and a lot healthier for your child. If something seems hard to prepare, just buy that one. But some foods are so simple. For example, if you cook broccoli or cauliflower for your family, just grab a handful out and puree it. This can also be a frugal thing. I would puree any leftover fruit or vegetable we had and then freeze in ice cube trays and then store in ziploc baggies in the freezer. Not only are you not buying baby food but you are not throwing out your leftovers.

  4. Thanks for the link NCN. As I write this, my nephew is crying, as he’s been doing all day, and every other time we come to visit. At least it’s a raspy cry rather than the loud piercing one.

    Stacie and I know we would be great parents. We both like babies, but we’re also hesitating to bring a new baby into the world if we can be a part of so many others who are already here.

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