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How To Get The Most Out Of No Credit Needed

When I started No Credit Needed in April of 2005, I intended for this site to be a simple blog – a site where I could track my progress as I paid off my debts. Over the course of the last two and a half years, No Credit Needed has evolved into much more – a place where I can share my own story, link to other sites that I like, and connect with other people interested in personal finance.  Now, not only do I maintain No Credit Needed, I also publish the NCN Podcast and manage the NCN Network. I want to thank long time readers, listeners, and members for keeping me motivated. If you are a new reader, here are some ways that you can “get the most” out of No Credit Needed.

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Finally, if you have website and you link to any of my sites, please leave a comment or contact me and let me know. I believe in creating community, and if you’re site meets some very basic requirements, I’ll gladly link-back.

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  2. dude, i just listened to your podcast for the first time today and i enjoyed it a lot. keep up the good work. very fun.

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