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100th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction

Welcome to the 100th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. It’s my privilege to host this week’s carnival!

Here’s how a blog carnival works:

1. Bloggers submit articles about a specific topic. (In this case: Debt Reduction)

2. A host blog (In this case: No Credit Needed) compiles those articles and presents them in list-form, linking back to the original article.

3. Bloggers who submitted articles are encouraged to link-back to the host blog and to link-to each other’s articles.

So, without further ado, let’s get to this week’s submissions:

We’re In Debt has started a new series about debt reduction: 15 Days To Start Paying Off Your Debts. Bookmark this page and you call follow the series from start to finish.

Picture Of Wealth presents 10 Ways I’m Saving Myself. I especially like the idea of cutting up those credit cards!

Debt Free Revolution has an extremely informative post about Dave Ramsey and his REAL opinion about Saving For Retirement While Doing Debt Reduction. I recently wrote an article about this very subject, and Debt Free Revolution has certainly clarified this particular point. Thanks!

Should I Make Extra Mortgage Payments? asks Mortgage Blog. The answer: Yes!

All You Need is Love…and a Good Financial Plan: 17 Finance Tips from the Beatles. Credit Card Lowdown turns to the Beatles for financial information! (Might want to think twice about asking a “certain” member for marriage advice…)

Clever Dude has written one of my favorite all-time posts about financial planning: Is The Thought Of Debt Ruling Your Life?

When his 16 year old nephew said, “I Want To Be Rich Like You,Single Guy Money decided to talk to the young man about the realities of personal finance.

I’ve Already Paid For This Twice wonders… Maybe Credit Card Debt Is The Baddest Debt… This post reminds me of the power of “thinking things through”.

College Of Cash is setting some Future Goals. I like the ideas of paying of loans and getting out of debt!

A post after-my-own-heart: Finding Snowflakes To Add To Your Snowball by Being Frugal. This, my friend, is a quality post: informative, easy-to-read, and practical.

Gather Little By Little has written a very “NCN-like” post! How To Get Your Finances Under Control – Step 6 Get Out Of Debt. This post has it all: emotion, facts, even some scripture.

Where Your Treasure Is has some information about Credit Card Protector Plans. (For some reason, the words “credit card” and “protector” don’t seem to go together…)

Indebted 2 You is making plans. In this post, 18 Months To Debt Free Living!, Indebted sets out the plan for progress. I love it!

Free Money Finance (which is a mandatory-daily-read) has an excellent post about why you need to Forget Biweekly Mortgage Payment Plans. (Just send in an extra payment! You need not sign up for some silly program.) Again, FMF totally rocks!

My Two Dollars is writing a series of posts about digging out of credit card debt. Instead of linking to just one post in the series, I’m simply going to link to all four posts. Why? They’re just that good! Digging Out 1, Digging Out 2, Digging Out 3, Digging Out 4.

Money, Matter, and More Musings has written about Getting Out Of Debt Without Worrying About The Latte Factor. I’ve never actually had a latte, so I’ll call mine the “Diet Mountain Dew Factor”.

Plonkee Money with a philosophical post: Debt Reduction Is All In The Mind. (Repeat after me… Visa does not exist, Visa does not exist… Man, it didn’t work! I’m not deep enough…)

FinanicialDominance writes about High Speed Debt Elimination.

The Digerati Life submitted an article about Managing Credit And Debt, My Mistakes And Lessons. (By the way, “Digerati” means the “elite of the computer world”.)

Verve Coaching presents part 4 of a 4 part series: Getting Out Of Debt. The article is about “sticking to the plan”.

Ask Mr. Credit Card with a post about Balance Transfer Deception. Frankly, I’m shocked that any credit card company would try to deceive its customers! (Sarcasm… so difficult to type…)

David on Finance (which is quickly becoming one of my “must reads”) has written a post about Backbone Growth. Seriously, everyone should read this post. David is a great writer.

Get Rich Slowly contributed his “favorite debt reduction post ever”. How To Get Out Of Debt. Simple, easy-to-read, straight to the point… this, my friends, is a well-written article about debt reduction.

Mighty Bargain Hunter, who also coordinates the Carnival of Debt Reduction, has an interesting post about a doctor who is deeply in debt. How much? $327,000.

What do you do when people are less than supportive? Blunt Money has a few tips and ideas. I love this line: Succeeding at goals usually means seeking out like-minded people that can offer support.

May I suggest that you bookmark this page and then comeback to it during the week so that you can get the most out of all of these links?

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Finally, the following articles are a little off-topic, but they’re good articles, nonetheless.

The Wastrel Show

Married And Broke

Fire Finance

Debt Free

Graceful Retirement

The Frugal Duchess

Whew, The End! (Please note, clearly off-topic articles have not been included. Please feel free to contact me if you feel your article should have been included.)

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