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Lessons From My Blogroll: Why You Should Be A Fan Of Personal Finance Blogs

Not only do I write articles (posts?) about personal finance, I also read articles about personal finance. How many articles do I read, per day? I read about 75 articles, per day. Here are some of my favorite articles from some of my favorite sites:

Interesting Ideas:

Have you ever considered writing an article about personal finance? Well, Nick will pay you for your article. Seriously, checkout this post over at Punny Money.

The Digerati Life compares buying a new car and buying a used car. I’ve been thinking about getting a ‘newer car’. I love articles like this. They make me think about and ever question my own ideas!

Do you hate paper checks? Read this article over at The Simple Dollar. No Checks Needed, baby!

Get Rich Slowly has an article about debt reduction. Slow and steady? No way!

Graceful Retirement is changing some stuff, getting rid of some stuff, and delaying some stuff.

Useful Information:

Hazard lists several awesome, free computer programs. I use all of these!

I never have trusted those Easy Bake ovens! Thrifty Mommy with information about a product recall.

Golbguru has written a VERY interesting series about buying a used car. Here’s part 6.

Mapgirl writes about her frugal habits. She’s also in New York.

All Financial Matters has historical information about the Dow.

Bank Deals is one of my favorite sites and every post is potentially useful, depending on where you live.

Blueprint has written an awesome post about 401(k)s. All of the information applies to those of us who have 403(b)s.

Made Me Laugh:

Frugal For Life is talking money… cash… dough.

I do not have a college degree, so this article over at FMF made me happy!

Debt Hater deals with the “curse of the pf blogger”: She’s thinking about how expensive things are, all of the time!

Cap just wrote this post. Basically: Be ugly = save money. Priceless.

Jane has barely used her air conditioner. This made me laugh, not at her article, but at myself for running the a/c 24/7.

This article has nothing to do with personal finance, but I loved it. As always, Merle has something to say!

Motivated Me:

Gen X reminds us to stay the course and stay in the market. I needed this post after last week’s market plunge!

The American Dollar talks about motivation and goal setting. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of goal setting.

Debt Free has three ideas for reducing automobile-related expenses. I LOVE posts like this. Simple, easy-to-read and direct.

David is writing a GREAT series on getting out of credit card debt. Even though I’m debt-free, I’m using some of his techniques to increase my savings!

Tricia is planning a garage sale. I need to do this! My wife and I had a sale three years ago and we mad mad cash.

Blunt Money has written one of those “I should have written this” posts. Blunt is blunt about zero percent credit cards!

Chief Family Officer changed a door knob, reminding me of the three dozen “projects” I’ve started but haven’t finished.

For The Filing Cabinet (Things About Which I Need To Learn More!):

Frugal Babe updated the look of her site and hosted the Festival of Frugality. I’ll bookmark it and read the posts later!

Dan from Searchlight Crusade writes about pre-approval for a mortgage. As you know, I plan to pay cash for a home, but things could change. It’s always good to be prepared, just in case!

Clever Dude used Rain-X on his goggles. Sound strange? Read the article!

Sun’s Financial Diary has written a post about Vanguard’s latest ETF. I purchase ETF’s inside my Roth IRAs, so I’ll keep this fund in mind!

My Money Blog has an article about 401(k) fees. Just a note: I have actually used the information from My Money Blog to design my own investment portfolio. So, if I lose all of my money, it’ll be Jonathan’s fault. 🙂

Mighty Bargain Hunter with a list of companies providing Roth IRAs. The list comes from my fellow pf bloggers, so you KNOW it rocks!

Nickel has been researching 529 plans. I use an ESA to save for my daughter’s college, but I’m worried that I’m not saving enough!

Made Me Think:

Lazy Man looks at personal finance and wants to get rid of the personal. Yikes… Interesting, thought-provoking read.

Moneymonk writes about emergency funds. What IS an emergency?

Consumerism Commentary talks about taking a year off between high school and college. Me? I took a year off… and then… well, let’s just say, I hope my kids never ask me why Daddy never went to college!

Money Smart life has written about the recent rise in the minimum wage. My opinion? I dislike the entire idea of a federally mandated minimum wage. I’m pro-market, anti-intervention.

How I Save Money asks about important documents.

Money Musings with a direct, spot on post about personal responsibility.

Whew! May I suggest that you bookmark this page so that you can come back to it and read these articles, at your leisure? These posts come from the last two weeks. Imagine the amount of information that is ‘out there’. I am constantly amazed by the number of high-quality personal finance blogs. Looking for even more personal finance blogs? Check out

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  1. Whoah, when did you change your theme? That was a shock. I like it though. But that RSS icon is big and bright. I had to squint when I looked at it!

  2. Thanks for putting me in your list to read. And now I am off to read the ones that made you laugh because I want to laugh too!!! No seriously, it is articles like this that make me find new blogs to read…so thanks again.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! I wanted to add, unless your kids are as dedicated to frugal living as you are – meaning they’ll be willing to work hard for scholarships, consider attending a community college for the first two years, and then attending a state university in your state, you probably aren’t saving enough to pay for their tuition and fees (if you’re planning to pay for them in full). If you have more than 10 years til your child starts college, says you’ll need over $100,000 for a 4-year public institution.

  4. Thanks NCN! Actually I was only in NYC for the weekend. I actually live in Virginia.

    Nice blog colors. The design is pretty sharp!

  5. Thanks for the link. I didn’t want to completely get rid of the personal, just switch the meaning to take a little of the psychology out. And if you need the psychology, provide a couple of tips to give you the 90% of the same benefit with all the bonus of math.

  6. Hi all, Thanks for the comments and compliments on the new look…
    Flexo… why no college? I just cannot stand busy-work, plain and simple. I love the “pursuit of knowledge” but I hate writing silly papers and putting up with the “pace of the class”…

  7. NCN…You should have come to college in the UK, there is no ‘pace of the class’, there are lectures, discussion groups and lots and lots of reading. Course it would’ve cost you a fortune as an overseas student.

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