Frugality On The Golf Course… Really? Are You Sure?

I love to play golf.  I love to save money.  Here’s how I do both.

  1. I take my own sodas and bottled waters in a small cooler.
  2. I purchase tees, gloves, and balls online.  If you wait until you are at the clubhouse to buy supplies, you’ll pay two or three times the price for the same items.
  3. I take my own snacks.  For each round, I pack a ‘power bar’ and a piece or two of fruit.  I skip the clubhouse restaurant and simply enjoy my snacks.
  4. I never play for money.
  5. I try to play after 4:00 PM when most courses give a twilight discount.  One local course has a 50% discount for rounds after 4:00 PM.

If you love golf, like I do, you are going to have to budget for it.  I spend a certain amount of money on the golf course and I’m happy to do so.  I enjoy the game, I like being on the course with my friends, and I find that the game relaxes me.  But, I also try to find little ways to save money.  Golf is an “expensive” hobby, but with a few smart choices, I’ve been able to make it a little less so.

3 thoughts on “Frugality On The Golf Course… Really? Are You Sure?

  1. It is so easy to spend much less while doing the thing you enjoy, with a little planning. Packing snacks and bringing your own drinks is simple, easy & practical.

    We usually carry drinking water in malls to cut down the sugar in the soda, & save on bottled water. But, on occasions when we are ran out of our on water, we had to spend $2 on bottled water which can be had for 80c.

    Imagine how much you can save.

  2. As a student, I think your article is excellent. I too pack my own snacks and water. I live in a city, and instead of taking a cab to the course – no car 🙁 – I walk to the course.
    Also, sites like craigslist are just amazing deals waiting to be found on all sorts of equipment.

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