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The NCN Podcast Goes Mobile And FoolArch Is Debt Free!

I’ve recorded and released the latest episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast. Click here to go to the podcast site and listen to Episode 46 of the NCN Podcast. I recorded the podcast while driving down the road. Subjects discussed include budgeting for entertainment, increasing 403b contributions, and how to save money while eating out.

Great news from the No Credit Needed Network: FoolArch is DEBT FREE! FoolArch joined the NCN Network back in September of 2006 and has paid of more than $8000 in debt! Click here to view FoolArch’s completed NCN Network chart. By the way, the NCN Network now has over 170 members!

After a few weeks of dealing with a very, very busy schedule, things have ‘calmed down’ a bit and I should be back to my regular posting routine.  I’ve missed being able to write everyday, and getting back into the ‘groove’ of things will be good for me.