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Carnival Of Debt Reduction Is Up And Ready To Read

The 90th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction has been posted over at the No Credit Needed Network homepage. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read this week’s Carnival.

Also, Clever Dude has posted the 103rd Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Edit: My Two dollars has posted the Festival of Frugality!

Our vacation is going very well. In fact, the kids and my wife are down at the pool, right now! I had to ‘sneak away’ to write this post, so reward my sneaky ways by checking out this week’s Carnivals.

Back to the pool!

2 thoughts on “Carnival Of Debt Reduction Is Up And Ready To Read

  1. Hey are you going to finish dissecting Dave Ramsey’s baby steps? I really enjoyed Step 1.

  2. Smarmy,
    As soon as we get back from vacation, I’ll post “part 2”. (Baby Step 2 is the “big one” so I might have to do part 2a and part 2b. Thanks for the question. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed the first post!

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