Vacation Update: Here Comes The Rain

Tropical Storm Barry is headed our way!  Here’s a graphic, illustrating the assumed path of the storm.  The red arrow points to where we are at, St. Augustine, Florida.


Winds are expected to reach about 60mph.  Heavy rain is expected.  South Georgia, where we live, really needs the rain, so I’m thankful for the rain that the storm should bring.  As for what we’ll do tomorrow, we’ll probably go to the local bowling alley, hit the outlet mall, and then see what the weather is like tomorrow evening.

Money spent:  We went to Outback for supper and then went to Target for a few groceries.  100 bucks?  Something like that.

1 thought on “Vacation Update: Here Comes The Rain

  1. Rain? Consider it a freebie under the title: adventure.
    You’re all together. That’s all that matters.

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