Free Money Finance AND Five Cent Nickel Rock!

This past March, Free Money Finance held a “March Madness” contest, pitting personal finance bloggers against one another in a battle to determine the “best of the best” personal finance articles. The winner of the contest was my good friend, Nickel, from Five Cent Nickel and Raising 4 Boys. I managed to make it to the “Final Four” where I was defeated by Nickel’s article (by ONE vote! Yikes!). As I was licking my wounds following my defeat, I received emails from Nickel and FMF.  Guess what? Nickel suggested that FMF send ME the prize pack because he knew that I had little kids and that they would enjoy the prizes! Awesome!

The prize pack was sponsored by MOOSE TRACKS ICECREAM!!!

My daughter (7) and my son (3) had a BLAST opening the prize pack box. Inside the box were T-shirts, key chains, magnets, stuffed animals, and stickers. My daughter LOVES the big “moose” that she received and my son has attached his key chain to his Thomas-the-tank-engine!  My son is, as I type this, running through the house screaming, “I got the mooses, I got the mooses…” (I went to church Sunday with a moose sticker on my shirt!)

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  1. I was going to send ice cream too, but I didn’t think it would last through the mail. 😉

    Glad you enjoyed everything.

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