Friends Are Friends Forever

(If you ever kicked it at old-school church camp, you’ve sung the above lyric, hands waving in the air…)

Here are a few of the posts that I enjoyed this week… “A-E”

All Financial Matters asks about your favorite financial “guru”. Mine? NCN, of course! Seriously, take a second and leave a comment and let JLP know who you like/dislike.

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity has written a post questioning those who advocate a “cash-only” stance. All joking aside, Jim has written a great series of “Devil’s Advocate” posts, dissecting various “commonly-held” personal finance teachings.

Consumerism Commentary asks a potentially ‘dangerous’ question: How much is your mom worth? (I’d LOVE to see the Google queries that Flexo gets from THIS post…)

Debt Hater writes about using cash, and cash alone.

Debt Monster writes about OATMEAL. I love OATMEAL!

Everybody Loves Your Money (clearly, on the Mount Rushmore of personal finance blog names…) writes about paying off a mortgage… in 5 years! Read the final paragraph!

Alright, that’s enough “link-love” for one post. I’ll be back with “F-P” later in the week!

3 thoughts on “Friends Are Friends Forever

  1. Thanks for the link NCN, I dunno if I was meaning to poke fun at the idea of cash only, it’s just that I wanted to give some of the points i’ve heard for using cash only because lots of people advocate credit card usage (you not being one of them).

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