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Festival of Frugality

Welcome to the Festival of Frugality, a collection of personal finance posts about frugal living, saving money, and living on a budget.  (Click here for the Festival of Frugality homepage.)

Saving Money In The Home:

Clever Dude writes about a 3-wheeled lawnmower and how to repair an old lawnmower. This is a great, great post!

Not Made Of Money with a post about cleaning out your pantry.

The Simple Dollar with several ideas for what to do if you decide to ditch the TV.

How I Save Money writes about how to save money on your electricity bill.

Frugal Upstate with a great post about “batch cooking” and beef. A must read!

Money, Matter, and More Musings with a great tip about cooking oil and an old lock.

Bean Sprouts with an interesting post about propagators.

Financial Planning:

Campus Grotto with some ideas about how to get a college scholarship.

Getting Finances done writes an interesting article about applying GTD principles to personal finance.

Coupons and Deals:

BasenjiMom with a post about coupons and pet food.

Lazy Man and Money writes a post about giving wine as an inexpensive gift idea.

Free Money Finance writes about saving money when buying clothes.

Queercents with a post about saving money on college textbooks.

Cash Money Life reminds us to look at our receipts for coupons!

Money For The Rest Of Us writes about 5 online shopping tools.

Hustler Money Blog gives a resource for reducing medical costs.

Plonkee Money with ideas for saving money while in London.

Penny Pinching with several ideas for saving money on groceries.

Frugal Philosophy:

Frugal Babe writes about selling her engagement ring. This is a POWERFUL POST. Great job!

My Two Dollars with a great post about how to “make” a million dollars.

Grad Money Matters writes an awesome post about the “why” of being frugal.

Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge asks the age-old question, “Repair or Reuse?”.

A Frugal Living Blog By A Frugal Guy discusses being poor or being broke.

Living Almost Large is addicted to CVS?

Escape Brooklyn discusses the Buy or Rent question.

Never Again Debt writes about found money and the role of the “Divine” in our finances.

Cents You Asked with a thoughtful question. If you lose your job, what expenses should you cut first?

Money And Such with questions, questions, questions that you should be asking yourself.

Active Duty Military has a post about ten financial commandments.

Frugal Zeitgeist writes about dealing with the pressure of up-selling.


Art of Slacking writes an article about… well, just go read the article.

I want to thank all of the bloggers who submitted articles. There were two articles which I left out of this week’s festival, due to the fact that they appeared to be associated with credit companies.

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