NCN Podcast Turns 40! NCN Network Member Reaches Goal!

I love it whenever someone reaches a personal finance related goal. Sparing Change, a long-time member of the NCN Network, has a completed chart. For all of the details, and to leave a congratulatory comment, check out this post at the No Credit Needed Network site.

I have JUST recorded and posted Episode 40 of the No Credit Needed Podcast. I have rededicated myself to creating shorter, more focused podcasts. In Episode 40 I discuss a sure-fire technique for debt repayment. For those of you who might be “just starting out”, Episode 40 might be just the ticket.

I’d like to give major praise to my blogging friend, Five Cent Nickel. He is the sure winner of the Free Money Finance March Madness Tournament, which featured some of the best posts from personal finance bloggers. FCN beat me in the final four by ONE vote! (I should have voted for myself!) FCN is now matched up against HIMSELF in the finals, with two awesome posts from two separate blogs. I want to thank all of you who voted for me and helped one of my articles to reach the Final Four. I’m looking forward to next year’s tournament.

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