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I Finally Received A Decent Site To Review

If you have a blog, you have probably signed up with Review Me. If not, here are the details. Review Me pays bloggers to review certain products and websites. Mostly, the sites that I’ve been asked to review are junk, and you would hate me for reviewing them. But, I’ve been asked to review (In fact, not only have the ASKED me to review them, I getting paid mad cash to do so!) Back to the review: Savings Accounts is a sparse site which gives details about savings account rates.

Positives: Big, bold, easy-to-read rates

Negatives: Very few banks have actually been listed. It looks like they are just trying to generate press and clicks. Also, most of the articles are just AP News.

This is a new site. If you are looking for a savings account, you might want to check them out. (Personally, I’d suggest using my good friend over at Bank Deals. He does a MUCH better job!) Why did I review this site, and not some of the others I’ve been offered?

1. The other sites promoted credit or debt. Yuck!

2. This site isn’t promoting anything “harmful”. If you need a savings account, this site might actually help you to find one.

3. If I can get paid to review a harmless, potentially helpful site, I will.

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  1. Yes, I was going to mention the same thing Tight Fister Miser mentioned. is actually a great website w/ some excellent forums to discuss personal finance/investing/etc with other like-minded individuals.

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