As I Write This, I’m Being Filmed!

The television crew from Atlanta is here, right NOW, filming me as I write this post. I just finished the “interview portion” and we are now filming the “action portion”. In other words, they’re sitting right in front of me, filming the back of my laptop and watching me type these words. No pressure. I’ll be back with more later. (By the way, the film crew is super cool.)

My hands are being filmed even as I type the current sentence. I’m glad that I trimmed my fingernails before today’s meeting!

Now I’m having my “closeup” shot done. I must admit that it is a big “unnerving”. Hopefully I’m doing the pf blogging community proud!

Now I’m typing and the camera is directly over my shoulder.  I just had to “edit” this post for a new shot.  (The camera operator just used the word “wide” which I’m a bit worried about!) 🙂

9 thoughts on “As I Write This, I’m Being Filmed!

  1. Jonathan… I was on the Oprah RADIO Network with Jean Chatzky.. the film crew was from a different program (that I can’t mention yet) out of Atlanta…

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