Welcome Listeners Of The Jean Chatzky Show

I’d like to welcome those of you who heard about me and my sites on the Jean Chatzyk Show. Apparently, Harpo, the company that owns the Oprah and Friends XM Channel, does not link to the sites run by the people that it interviews. So, if you made it here, you either listened very closely or you searched for NCN or No Credit Needed. Either way, thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought about the interview. I thought that it went pretty well.

Also mentioned in the podcast was my fellow personal finance blogger, Leigh Ann. Leigh Ann did a great, great job. I am featured in the first segment, and she is featured in the second segment.

If you did not hear the interview, it will run again at NOON and again at 6 PM on XM Channel 156.

I would like to thank my fellow personal finance bloggers who helped to promote my appearance:

My Financial Journey
The Family CEO
Blueprint For Financial Prosperity
Becoming And Staying Debt Free
It’s Your Money
Blogging Away Debt
Five Cent Nickel
My Two Dollars: I’m part of his “Favorite Blog Wednesday” series.
Debt Hater

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9 thoughts on “Welcome Listeners Of The Jean Chatzky Show

  1. I listened very closely and I’m happy I did. You are such an inspiration! I’m going to spend some time here reading and learning.I feel like you have given me a gift. Thank you for being transparent.

  2. I wrote a scrap of a note while driving the mountain pass at Lake Tahoe- lucky I didn’t crash, but glad I captured the details. I haven’t really listened to the talk radio portion of XM much, but your segment really caught my attention. You made financial solidity sound so doable. By the way, thanks for revealing specific numbers about your income and savings- it really gives a benchmark to know what other people can save and spend, and real numbers are so private to people, it’s hard to compare. I am actually excited to make a budget and watch the savings pile up. Thanks!

  3. I don’t usually listen to JC because I find her voice annoying, but you were very interesting! I have 3 retirement accounts,less than 1K in debt, but I don’t have nearly enough cash saved. I just started my emergency fund two weeks ago. You have inspired me to stick with my savings plan. Congratulations to you!

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