My Personal Principles For Prosperity

Money Management:

1. I will create a practical, meaningful budget.

2. I will live below my means.

3. I will balance my checkbook.

4. I will organize my bills and my financial documents.


1. I will live without borrowing money.

2. I will live without using credit cards.

3. I will routinely check my credit report for errors.

4. I will not lend money.


1. I will give generously to my church.

2. I will be a blessing to those in need.

3. I will love others and not love money.


1. I will consistently contribute to my retirement accounts.

2. I will consistently contribute to my children’s education savings accounts.

3. I will make it a priority to learn about investing.


1. I will purchase quality goods at reasonable prices.

2. I will be frugal.

3. I will plan for major purchases.

4. I will eat at home as often as is possible.

5. I will recycle and reuse products.

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