The Bathroom Remodel Begins

We live in a “ranch style” house. It has two bathrooms, a guest bathroom and then a small bathroom that connects to our bedroom. My wife (Mrs. NCN!) has decided that (after two years of saving money like crazy) that we need to SPEND a little and remodel our bathroom. We are going to paint, replace the toilet, put in a new vanity, change the door, the lighting fixtures, and replace an old window. We live in a house provided by my employer. My employer will cover the cost of some of the repairs, but we will be responsible for most of the work. So far, I’ve gotten rid of the old door. It was one of those pitiful 1970’s hollow-core doors and it’s been painted at least ten times. I’ve also removed the molding from around the old window, taken down the lighting fixtures, thrown out the old shower curtain (and rod), and removed everything else from the bathroom except for the toilet, the shower, and the old vanity. I’ll probably hire someone to do the plumbing and any electrical work, but I’ll handle the painting, drywall, tile work, and window replacement. (Do I actually KNOW how to do any of these things yet? Not really. One of the great lessons that I’ve learned over the past two years is that the only way to learn HOW to do something is to actually DO something!) I like having “projects” and this will be one of the biggest that I’ve tackled. I’ll update you as we go forward.

6 thoughts on “The Bathroom Remodel Begins

  1. I wonder how wise it is to invest your time and money into a property you do not own. It would seem the owner should do any updates or pay you for doing it.

  2. I hope you are mostly spending time and not much cash, but you are gaining something here. Home remodeling experience. It’s great to have the opportunity to try these new skills without the worry of “messing up your house”.

    May I suggest you have everything you need BEFORE you get started. All the tile, the toilet, the paint and primer, dry wall and materials, etc. so you are not constantly making trips to your local home store for supplies. It’s tempting to start ripping stuff out, but to keep the inconvenience factor down, don’t start until you have everything you need. This will keep the time your bathroom is unusable to the minimum. Even though there are other bathrooms to use, it can cause anxiety to have a room in upheaval.

  3. NCN, I’d recommend taking free classes at Home Depot or the like. Also, this is a good place to post the need for a basical tool kit. You don’t need to buy new, so pawn shops are a great place to buy tools.

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