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Welcome N.Y. Times Readers!

I’d like to thank those of you who have clicked over from the N.Y. Times.

John Leland recently interviewed me for an article about debt reduction blogs, and the article was published today!

Debtors Search For Discipline Via Blogs

My archives are located at the left-hand side of this page. A brief summary of my progress from April of 2005 to February of 2007 can be found here.

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I’d like to take a second and thank John Leland for the interview and the article.

8 thoughts on “Welcome N.Y. Times Readers!

  1. Congrats NCN on the press!

    With the amount of hardwork you have put into the Network site as well as your own, you definitely deserve the mention!

    Congrats again,


  2. NCN,
    The NYT article is great. My best friend (aka: husband) and I have a vision of bringing financial literacy to America via Wealth IS Freedom, because we believe that EVERYONE could and should be wealthy. A group known as Jumpstart Coalition (jumpstart.org) offers many resources for students. Thank you for sharing your story.
    To your wealth,
    Mariah/By Edgington
    Columbus OH

  3. More and more Americans are realizing that credit card debt is an evil empire. We have been fooled into thinking that we NEED credit cards in order to survive. We have been fooled into thinking our lives are judged by a credit score.
    You do not need a credit card. Just money in the bank (FDIC insured). You can have a Visa or MasterCard channeled to your checking account. You use the Visa or MC just like a regular credit card but it is backed by your own money. Don’t have the money to back it up? Then you don’t buy. You can use these Visa & MC to rent cars, make purchases, get air line tickets, etc. etc.
    If you start living this way and avoid credit, your credit score is meaningless. You will have no negativity, thus you are a good candidate for a job, insurance and the like. Need a mortgage? If you have a substantial down payment, no lender will turn you down. Believe me!
    It is time for us to stop the madness. Stop believing the rhetoric. Start from a young age and start paying cash. (that’s why the credit card companies target the youth)
    The only way Americans are going to survive is by avoiding debt. The new American dream should be being free of consumer debt.

  4. Congrats NCN and thanks for the effort.

    Getting into debt is the easy part, getting out is a whole diifferent matter. I wiish I were as skilled getting out of debt as I was getting in.

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