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First Lifehacker, Now The Russians!

Lifehacker.com recently linked to my post about not using Credit Cards. Well, I was checking out my “web stats” today, and the same article has been linked to, and republished, in RUSSIAN. Capitalism Rocks! If you are reading this post, and you’ve come from the .ru site, please, let me know by leaving a comment!
I went to Babelfish.com and here’s the “translation” of my original post, from Russion, back to English. It’s awesome!

Blogger, known under the net pseudonym NCN, on site No credit Needed (https://www.ncnblog.com/) published the detailed list of reasons, why it does not use the credit maps (https://www.ncnblog.com/2007/01/18/i-to-note- whisker -credit-cards/). NCN it wrote:

“YA did not use the credit card of more than two years and I will so act as long as it will not arise situation which it will force to use banknote. (one active credit calculation in me still exists, but I hold card in the most distant department of its wallet; it is not confident, that it still works, but to explain this thus far I do not be going). 4 I do not recommend to shut credit calculations. I have similar and it in a good state, 4 simply it I do not use. So that however, I understood in a question NOT of use by my credit of karty?̶y;

Among conclusions NCN it is possible to isolate similar:

– to expend available is morally more complex than to use banknote.
– if we do not use credit map, then not it will be and calculations.
– you do not drive in to yourselves head by problems about absent CashBack bonusakh.
– instead of the credit map always it is possible to use debit (including the cases of taking for the rental of machine or armoring of number in the hotel).

After foregoing the use of a personal credit map, 4 also it did not test special difficulties. In many respects, certainly, helped debit map. In me so there are several business credit maps, but with their critical use of problems it does not appear – business is a business and it is absolutely isolated from my personal life.

Now, already having the clear concepts about conducting of the personal of finances, I can allow recovery to the use of credit maps. However there it was, but I solved for itself, that bonusy from the use of banknotes were minimum, and risks were high. Now I is free from the oppression of credit maps and be proud of this.

I think that the retranslated version is better than the original. “Now I is free from the oppression…” To my new Russian readers, Welcome!

Much love to Get Rich Slowly for doing a post about my post which led to this post…

4 thoughts on “First Lifehacker, Now The Russians!

  1. Dear Author,

    You asked to leave the comment if any of your readers came from the “.ru” site – and here you go. I am Russian!
    Regarding credit cards – I do have the only one, but I use it only from time to time. Cash still works for me.

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