Super Bowl Commercials: Personal Finance Review

I love to watch football.  The Super Bowl starts in less than an hour!  I will be recording the game with my Dish PVR, so that I can watch the game after the kids go to bed.  I’ll probably start watching at around 7:15 PM Eastern Time.  During the game, I’m going to review each of the Super Bowl commercials.  Since these commercials will be the “most watched” commercials of the year, I want to see which companies will be marketing themselves to the American public.  I’ll ask a series of questions.  I’ll give the commercial ITSELF a grade, and then I’ll grade the product.  The choices we make about which products to buy are influenced by the advertisements that we see.  Will I be motivated to try a certain product?  Will I remember the name of the product mentioned?  Will I think about the commercial when I go to the grocery store?  Will I find a new product?  Will I be offended by a commercial, and choose NOT to purchase a particular product?  This should be fun.  (If you’re reading this on Sunday Night, expect the first review around 7:30 Eastern time.)

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