Super Bowl Commercial Review #1: Ford Super Duty

Product: Ford Motor Company Super Duty Truck

Commercial: Visually stimulating, the commercial showed the parts of the truck “coming together” to form a new, upgraded version of the truck. The multiple truck parts floating in the air was pretty awesome looking, but the truck itself, a basic black, was underwhelming.

Information: Price? None mentioned. Features: Upgraded truck parts. If you knew little about trucks, this information would mean very, very little.

Will I buy? No. I would never buy a new automobile. (The price drops too quickly)

Would I remember this commercial? Probably not. It wasn’t very original, and actually reminded me of similar Dodge Truck commercials.

Was this commercial a waste of Ford’s money? Probably. Most people who buy a “work” truck already have a brand loyalty, and nothing about this commercial made me think that Ford built a better or worse truck than Chevrolet or Dodge. Plus, without a price, how can I compare the value of Ford vs its competitors.

Overall Commercial Grade: C- I saw the product, and the visuals were great, but I didn’t see a reason for purchasing the truck. I was not “moved”.