Super Bowl Commercials First-Half Summary

I reviewed and wrote about THIRTY first-half commercials, and I can only remember one! The Sprint commercial was pretty funny. I was looking forward to reviewing the commercials, but most of them have been… forgettable? At 2.5 MILLION dollars a spot, I’ve just watched 75 MILLION dollars worth of commercials, and I remember (barely) one of them. What a complete waste! No one mentions price, value, or gives you a REASON to purchase their products. Silly, really. The game itself is okay, but BOTH teams look nervous and out of sync. Are these REALLY the two BEST teams in the NFL? Also, who thought that PRINCE should do the halftime show? He was cool… when I was nine… The rest of the reviews will be really, really short, unless something catches my eye.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Commercials First-Half Summary

  1. I have been so dissapointed with the commercials ever since a few years ago they started running commercials that had already been on the air. What is the point of spending that much money to air something that’s already been seen? What happened to those commercials that had some sort of running story line? Like the ones from Mt Dew or mLife….

    I’m glad I missed it this year. I figure I can find the really good ones online anyway.

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