Paycheck Poll Update!

Monday, I posted a poll entitled: How Often Do You Get A Paycheck. Here are the updated results, as of 10:30 AM, Eastern Time.

Total Votes: 89

Voting Breakdown:

Every Week: 9

Every 2 Weeks:  57

Every Month:  16

Other:  7

Here’s a pie chart with the percentages:


The overwhelming majority of people who voted in this poll get paid every two weeks. (One note, there was no option for “1st and 15”, so I am sure that some people who voted for every two weeks actually get paid twice a month. Either way, even this small sample proves that most people are not budgeting based on one paycheck per month. Instead, most are budgeting based on multiple paychecks per month. Please take a second to vote, so that the results can reflect an even larger audience.