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Financial Reasons For Weight Loss

Now that I’ve started No. Calories Needed, my new weight loss site, I wanted to list some of the FINANCIAL rewards that I hope to reap when I lose weight.

Better gas mileage. 100 pounds less will equal a 1 to 2 percent gain in fuel efficiency.

Better Life Insurance Rates. Estimates range between 30 and 70 percent annual savings on life insurance premiums. Even moving from obese to over-weight will make a huge difference.

Lower health care costs. I have sleep apnea, a potentially fatal sleep disorder. I was diagnosed when I weighed around 240 pounds. I am hoping that by losing weight, my symptoms will go away.

Better Disability Insurance Rates. Right now, I’m am obese and I have sleep apnea. Both of these work against my getting low-cost disability insurance.

Lower total food costs. As I eat healthy foods, I will spend a little more at the grocery store, but a lot LESS eating out in restaurants. Overall, a healthy diet will be less expensive than an unhealthy diet.

Lower clothing costs. 2XL shirts cost more than XL shirts or L shirts. If I ever hit a size M…

Lower energy costs. This one might be a stretch, but go with me. More time outside = less time inside. Less time inside = less time watching television, working at the computer, and using electricity. Therefore, a healthier lifestyle = more time outside = less time inside = lower energy costs. Whew.

To be honest, I’d pay extra just to feel the way that I feel lately. If I’m able to save money AND lose weight, that’s just a super cool bonus!

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  1. NCN, your last sentence says it all. The financial benefits are great but your own well-being is priceless.

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