Back From Turkey Day

My family and I just returned from a brief Thanksgiving vacation. I am typing this blog post on my NEW Toshiba Laptop. I got a GREAT deal, so I decided to treat myself to a pre-Christmas gift. One of my favorite deal sites is Deal News.Com. The other day, as I was searching through for a good deal on a laptop computer, I found a good deal on a 14.1″ Toshiba Laptop with an 80 GB hard drive for less than $400. I’ve REALLY been wanting a laptop, so I bit the bullet, and ordered it. I’m glad that I did. I’ve set up a wi-fi network for my home, and I am outside, watching the kids play, typing away on my new laptop. (I’m amazed that you can get a nice laptop for less than 400 bucks. Seriously, 4 years ago, a decent desktop computer cost at least 1000 dollars.)

We had a good thanksgiving, visiting my wife’s family. (There is a really cool place in Georgia to go and see Christmas lights. Callaway Garden’s has this awesome, 5 mile stretch of Christmas Lights. We took out kids and they totally loved the lights, the music, and the fun.)

I’ll have our very first “charity spotlight” post up Monday afternoon. I have to take my little boy to the doctor Monday morning, for a re-check of his ears. He has had an ear infection, so we need to find out if his ears have cleared up or not. I’ll also have a cool series of posts about my visit to Atlanta for the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Live Event. A quick preview? Two words: Totally Rocked!!!