Ready To Invest

It’s time to learn how to invest. So, I opened an account at (4.95 per trade, limit or market, no minimums!) I searched and searched, and I think that this is the best platform for me. I have decided to put 20 percent of my savings “to work”. So, right now that is about 1500 bucks. I actually want try some “quick trades”, going in and out of a stock in hours or days. I have my “safe” money in my retirement and savings accounts, but I will kick myself forever if I don’t at least give buying and selling stocks a chance. As always, I’ll keep you updated.

My 3 “personal” rules:
Use limit orders
Buy stocks that I understand
Pay attention to the details

(I know a LOT about getting out of debt. That’s my “thing”. I know very, very little about investing. BUT! I am going to learn! Knowledge baby, knowledge.)