I think that I need to clarify just what I intend to do with my new investing strategy. I am STILL working towards my 20000 dollar savings goal. If you check out the NCN Network page, you can see that I am several months ahead of schedule. What I have decided to do is to take a small portion of my savings and use it to buy and sell stocks. I will, at the most, have 20 percent of my emergency funds available for this buying and selling. I know that I am placing this money at risk, but I also know that there is a potential for greater than 4 percent reward. Am I willing to lose this money? Yes. Am I planning on losing this money? No. I have been reading about investing, and I have been trading stocks “on paper” for a few months now, in anticipation of this move. I am only doing this because I have PROVEN to myself that I can save up my 20000 dollars sooner than I originally planned. (As of now, the maximum amount of money that I will place in my trading account will be 2000 dollars.) As you know, with my aversion to debt and credit, I am, by nature, a conservative person. I feel that I am finally ready to take a few calculated risks with my money. I am prepared to learn from my mistakes, but I am also prepared to succeed. I had PLENTY of folks in my peer group tell me that there was no way I was going to be able to get out of debt in one year. I managed to prove them wrong. Now I want to focus my energies on buying and selling stocks. I am excited, I am preparing myself, and I am ready to gain new knowledge.

I’ll probably lose all of my money on my first trade and end up eBaying my left kidney…