Psycho Shopper

I had a great trip to Kroger today, and I scored one of my best deals to date. I thought I would share.

First, I had a loyalty coupon for $10.00 off of any purchase.
Second, I have my Kroger bonus card, so I get the discounts that they display on the shelves.
Third, I knew the historical price of the item that I was going to buy, and I knew that it was on sale at the best price I had seen (my price-book goes back roughly 10 months or so for most products, about 6 months for this product.)
Fourth, I was ready to stock up.

So…Here’s what I bought:

Yep, 14 boxes of Fabric Softener Sheets.

God, I am a nerd.

So here are the details: Kroger sells their sheets at these regular prices:
40 for 1.00
80 for 2.00
120 for 3.00
160 for 4.00
These are “rough” estimates, and the fluctuate a few pennies up or down…BUT…Today the 120 count boxes were on SALE for 1.88 per box.
So, I stocked up:
14 * 1.88 = 26.32 – 10.00 coupon = 1680 sheets for 16.32 or .0097 per sheet.
This is vs. an average of .025 per sheet at regular price.

If you’ve never used Kroger brand fabric sheets, they are great! Just as good, or better than the average.

So, now that I have revealed my complete nerdness, we delve into even more dorkiness:

If we wash 2 loads of clothing, per day, and use 1 dryer sheet per load, then we will need 365 X 2 = 730 dryer sheets per YEAR. Well, I have 1680 dryer sheets, so, I should be good for, hmmm, let’s see…2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS. So, the next time I will have to buy dryer sheets will be… June of 2008! HAHAHA! That is insane.

(It was classic to see the look on the check-out worker’s face when I plopped 14 boxes of this stuff on the counter…Awesome!)

One day when I feel like it, I’ll tell you about the 24 boxes of dish detergent stacked in our linen closet.

LAST NOTE: For those who listen to the podcast, you can see the washing machine in the photo. The washing machine is located in our laundry room, where I record the podcast! Ahh, the circle of life…

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