Check It, Check It, Check It, Check It OUT!

I have a new gadget that I want to buy. It is the Sansa m230, a 512mb MP3 Player. I have a subscription from Yahoo Unlimited, and this is one of the first Flash Based MP3 Players that works with Yahoo’s service. This is a picture of the m230.

Anyway, the little device costs about 70 bucks, depending on where you buy it and shipping, etc. I already own a little Ipod Shuffle, and I really dig it. The problem is, the shuffle only works with Itunes, and I’d like a light-weight flash-based MP3 player that will work with Yahoo. So, I am going to be searching through Ebay for the next few days, looking for a good deal. Wow, I’ll bet you are excited by this post, huh…

Now, bravely on to the personal finance stuff:

I should be putting a pretty sizeable chunk into savings tomorrow, somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand bucks. My wife got paid today, and I get paid in 2 weeks, so I think I am going to take 1000 out of her check, and 1500 out of mine, and then we will have saved our 2500 for this month. Also, I have decided to get back on the Ebay train and go CRAZY. I was able to make over 1000 dollars last year from Ebay, but I have been pretty lazy about finding new stuff to sell. Most of the stuff I sold last year was just old stuff that I found around our house: old books, baby clothes, etc. Now, I actually want to get into finding deals on the net, buying items cheap, and then re-selling on Ebay. I will post my adventures here, so that you can see what happens. (Oh yeah, you probably know, but FatWallet.Com is a great place to find deals, specials, and advice. Just be CAREFUL when you post, because you will get CRUCIFIED by the forum police, who love to crush the souls of posting “newbies”.)

If you haven’t already, check out the podcast (click the link at the top right of this page). I have posted a brand new episode, and it is VERY different from my usual episodes. (I was in one of my “funks” when I created the episode. I don’t talk of it here often, but I have “shades” of depression, or something, and I have to watch what I eat and how much sleep I get, or I get in a “mood”.) Also, check out the network! We are up to SIX members, in less than a month. Awesome.

Last tiny bit of advice: Ready? Go get all of your spare change, in your glove box, your junk drawer, wherever. Gather it together, roll it up, use CoinStar, whatever, and take that money and put it towards debt reduction or savings. You will NEVER miss this money, and you will decrease your debt and/or increase your savings. PAINLESS positive financial step: AND you de-clutter your space. Simple, dimple, homey… Dork!