Flash Drive Plus Taxes

I am busy filing our taxes and I think that we are going to get a pretty sizable tax return this year. Yay! Right? WRONG. I wish that I would have had the foresight to adjust our withholding for this past year, thus increasing our monthly take-home pay. In effect, we loaned the government over 3000 dollars, interest free. I have already taken the necessary steps to avoid this same outcome in 2006. Are you going to get a large “return” from the IRS this year? If so, you might want to check your withholding. If you have a personnel director where you work, check with them, to see just what you need to do to decrease the amount of money you send the federal government each pay period. Remember, the more money you bring home, the more money you will have to pay down your debt and save for your future. YOU should be managing your money! Let’s all agree to stop giving Uncle Sam these huge interest free loans.

Oh yeah, I found an interesting article while browsing H&R Block’s web site. Seems that they are going to offer a Kingston Memory Drive Pre-Loaded with their tax software. Pretty interesting idea, unique at least. Cost appears to be about 40 bucks, after a 10 dollar rebate. (Seems high if you compare it to the cost of a CD, but the memory drive can be re-used).