Wow, I have been WAAAY out of focus when it comes to personal finance. I have not done my budget for this month, I have not paid a penny towards my debt, and I have not even considered eBaying either one of my children… What an odd month. I think that Christmas, the party for my mom, and turning 31 all within the span of 3 weeks has really, really gotten to me. Plus, I am REALLY focusing on my diet, cooking 3 or 4 meals a day, counting points, exercising. So, while I give myself a PF “D” for this month, I give myself a Life Improvement grade of “B+”. So, time to strap up! I have spent today and yesterday cleaning up my offices (one at work, the other at home) and cleaning out our storage “barn” at home. I am clear headed, my desk is clear of work, and I am ready to ATTACK life from all angles. This year, I will be wiser with my money than I have every been, more focused on my health than ever before, and more “intentional” with the words I say to my wife and children. Goals, goals, goals… They mean NOTHING without dedication. So, now I have my goals, my dedication, and I am off to the races. First thing, new budget for the year! I’ll have that up by tomorrow evening. Second, find some junk to eBay. Third, write wife a big thank-you note for being so special. And last, spend an afternoon with each of the kids, alone, to let them do whatever they want and give Mom a break!