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You want a post? You can’t handle a POST!

I was able to make a 330 dollar payment yesterday towards the last debt, bringing my total owed to 2660, and my percent paid to slightly more than SEVENTY SIX! Yay!

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Some blog dorkiness: I searched for “no credit needed” on both Yahoo and Google… I am the first thing that comes up on Yahoo, and the third thing on Google! This is amazing, but not for the reason that you might think. You might think that I am happy because that proves what an awesome, cool, wonderful blog I have…right? Nope. It makes me happy because there just might be a chance that while some person with bad credit is searching the net for some crap finance deal where no credit is “needed”, they just might stumble upon my site, and find the awesome world of personal finance blogs. With all of the sites that I have linked on the right hand side of this page, and with all of the wonderful info they contain, someone’s life might just be changed. Cool Huh?

As for my emergency fund…back up to 600 in ING and 500 or so in a secondary checking account. That is a wee bit less than my original goal of 2000 emergency fund, so I will be socking away my quarters and dimes, and building a slightly larger fund.

Oh yeah, retirement talk time! I met, a few months ago, with a retirement “specialist” recommended by Dave Ramsey’s site, and he was awesome. This coming year, we will be really focusing on saving for our future. Right now, I save only about 1500 dollars for my retirement, while my wife has teacher’s retirement, so 5 percent of her salary goes to that. Next year, I plan on trying to put aside a minimum of 20,000 for retirement. That’s close to 1/3 of our gross incomes! Goals, goals, goals…

Oh yeah, non pf stuff: Watch the Comedians of Comedy on Comedy Central… CLASSIC STUFF. Total funny awesomeness.

1 thought on “You want a post? You can’t handle a POST!

  1. That is really awesome that your blog may be really helping someone who wasn’t looking for it, and in fact may have been looking for the opposite.

    I’ve been reading your blog pretty consecutively for the last couple weeks from blog day one, while at my clerical/admin. asst. job.

    I just bought You Need A Budget. I’m baby steppin…

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