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I decided to “zero-out” our checking accounts today, moving every dollar not already ear-marked for a specific check out of our account, and putting it towards our debt. So, I was able to make a tiny little debt re-payment of 71.19 towards our last debt. I will now re-start our budget for October, using the paycheck that I received this week. We had actually gotten away from our budget for awhile, and were just POURING our money into debt re-payments. Now, that we are slowing abit, I am going to start with a clean slate. “MY” checking account (the one with my name on it first that we use for bill payments) will receive the bulk of our deposit. My “Wife’s” checking account will receive very little if any. We keep a mini-mini-fund of 200 dollars in her account at all times for unexpected check writing. She keeps a debit card for both account in case of a bigger emergency. (She also has, despite the name of this blog, a super-duper emergency…gasp!…credit card…) So, I am beginning afresh and anew, with hardly nothing in savings, and with a brand new budget, focused MUCH less on debt re-payment and MUCH more on balanced savings and debt re-payment. I want to rebuild my cash reserves this month, and quickly.

On a side note…and I mean a quirky, left-field side note… I may have found THE BEST mouthwash EVER. Crest PRO-HEALTH. So AWESOME. They gave out free bottles of it at the gym, and the stuff is the best tasting mouthwash in the entire world. Seriously, you have to try this stuff…

I just re-read this post, and my grammar and language usage both really, really stink.

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  1. Looks like I might be reading your whole blog like a novel, because I’m just as obsessed with getting my own debt paid off. I started in November at about $14,000, and am planning to have it all done by January of 2010 by using a modified snowball technique:

    5 accounts at $200/mo ea., then 4 accounts at 250/mo ea, etc until I’m paying $1000/mo on the largest account to finish.

    That’s my favorite mouthwash too. 🙂

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